Camille Purcell Sparks Rihanna’s R9 Album would be ‘So Good’

Camille Purcell
Image Source: Rihanna/ Instagram

Rihanna is on her way of achieving a farsighted milestone in her career through her upcoming album R9 which owes songs from Little Mix and Stormzy’s songwriter. The renowned singer has been playing quite well with the fandom’s patience who continue to wait for the release of her ninth studio album over the past four years. Since the time, Rihanna has fixed her focus on building her vogue and beauty empire with various Fenty lines who has also confirmed about her progress on her next album.

Served with benchmark

Songwriter Camille Purcell has meanwhile revealed about her contribution in the masterpiece as she submitted her music for the record. In due course, industry sources have reported to her about R9’s soaring developments.

Setting the label

While speaking to Daily Star’s Wired column, Camille told, ‘I’ve tried to get on the album, but what do I know? What I’ve heard is that it’s so good. So I am praying one of my songs has made it. But who knows? A lot of us artists have tried tirelessly to get songs on this album. I think she gets so many songs and the vibe must change every single day because she is just a queen and her mood changes with the weather – she can do whatever she wants.’

Being the second priority

A begetter has recently addressed the concern of an unprecedented delay about the launch of R9, and told The Sun, ‘Rihanna’s ninth album is on hold indefinitely. She wants to make her millions with beauty and is planning a new skincare line to go alongside her Fenty Cosmetics range. Her lingerie range has gone down so well too that she feels she needs to strike while the iron’s hot. Whenever she drops pics of her modelling the gear, sales go up.’

The anonymous person also claimed that Rihanna has ‘realised there is more money in the beauty game’, especially amidst the pandemic.

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