Brazilian wax: what should you know?

If you can allow hair to grow longer than one centimeter between salon visits (or depilation at home) choose Brazilian wax, which is the most effective way to remove hair from your body. Hair is much weaker after Brazilian wax depilation. The wax enters the follicle and spreads out the hair with its roots (while shaving it off the hair is only cut off), which makes it thinner.

The modern beauty is inseparable from the smooth, soft, glabrous skin. Depilation – the removal of unwanted hair from the surface of the skin – becomes the daily routine of a modern woman. Bio-epilation – hair removal with hot or cold wax

If you have decided to take care of your body to be smoothly for a long time, and have written complete Brazilian depilation with a specialist, do not think that you do not need to prepare. Especially if you go there for the first time.

Tips before the procedure

Choose the right time

If you are especially afraid of pain and feel that you can hardly take the depilation process, experts recommend taking depilation about a week after your cycle, as the body will no longer be sensitive at that time. A few days before or after the menstruation is the most inappropriate time, as it may be that the procedure will be quite painful for you at this time. And although it’s not possible to avoid pain completely, you can prepare for it as it will not take forever. It is true that cosmetologists do not recommend taking any pain medication, especially ibuprofen or aspirin before the procedure, as they will liquefy blood and may cause bleeding during depilation.

Moisturize the skin

It is always important to moisturize the skin, but it is even more important to do it if you are preparing for depilation. It is true that skin moisture should be at least two days before the depilation. 24 hours until the procedure, it is not recommended to apply any oils on the skin. Before taking a depilatory, you should drink plenty of water.

Before the procedure – no alcohol or caffeine

Drinking alcohol or stimulating drinks such as coffee is not particularly recommended before depilation since they not only trap pores but also dehydrate the body, which means that you will experience more pain.

Brazilian Wax for men

Men love perfectly depilate women’s bodies, but most of them look at hair removal from their bodies through their fingers. However, the influence of sports celebrities and Hollywood stars are becoming more and more felt in the world of men. Actors such as Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio are delighted to be put on magazine’s cover with ideally depilated chest, as it helps to create a sexy image.

Whatever the way, for most men, the Brazilian wax is not an easy, “popular” solution. However, the hairy chest or back sometimes reminds of those times when we still roast the trees. Therefore, the motivation for men is not only due to not the most pleasant associations, but also because of women – rarely they like a hairy chest, back, or even “down there”.

How long Brazilian Wax lasts?

The hair is removed from the body for 2-4 weeks, the hair that has been renewed is usually weaker and thinner.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

This method of depilation began to be called “Brazilian” when seven Brazilian sisters at the end of the 20th century opened a hair salon in New York, USA. A Brazilian bikini is different from simple bikini depilation because the hair is removed from the front, back and perineum. Sometimes a small hair strap is left in front, although the “true” Brazilian bikini fan does not want such compromises and completely get rid of each hair.

Brazilian bikini wax depilation takes an average of up to half an hour, and you need to have the experience to do it. It is very important that hygiene requirements are observed during depilation – gloves need to be used, also all the tools need to be disinfectant, and only one-time bed linens are used. Brazilian bikini wax depilation is lasting up to 4 weeks.

The environment.

Typically, Brazilian wax depilation in the bikini area is done in an isolated room where the client can feel free and discreet. Before the procedure, you are asked to take off your panties and sit comfortably on a bed that has been adjusted for this procedure.

Hair Length.

Brazilian bikini depilation is done with wax, and this procedure is considered safer only when the hair is longer. If the length of the hair in the bikini area is longer than 0.5 cm, it will be trimmed with trimmer. If the hair is shorter, an honest master will ask you to visit only a week later.

Skin Preparation.

The skin is covered with a layer of talc so that the hot wax does not stick too much to the skin and irritate it as little as possible.

Hair removal.

The hot wax is thoroughly spread over the entire bikini area; then it is covered with a soft cloth piece that is pressed as close to the skin as possible. When the wax starts to get hard, the piece of cloth is suddenly torn off with hair in the direction opposite to their growth. The procedure is repeated at another site of the skin until there is no unwanted hair left. If the pain becomes unbearable, the procedure is being stopped.

This procedure is not suitable for everyone, especially for those who can hardly tolerate pain or have a susceptible, allergic skin. After Brazilian bikini depilation procedures, the skin is severely irritated because hair removal also removes the upper layer of the epidermis and should be disinfected to reduce the risk of infection. Hair growth may also appear later, and skin scrub (dip) procedures may also be required.

Before and after tips

Before the procedure


Scrub all depilatory areas with the body scrub 1-2 days before the hair removal procedure. This will remove dead skin cells so it will be easier to hold short hair.

Less coffee and alcohol.

Relaxation is a good idea, but coffee and alcohol increase the acidity of the body, making skin even more susceptible. Especially avoid coffee and alcohol 2-3 hours before depilation.

No tonics.

They shrink the pores and make the procedure heavier and more painful.

Antibacterial Wash.

This tool helps to prevent infections and acne after depilation, so wash the skin with an antibacterial cleanser a few hours before the procedure.

After the procedure

  • Do not use the bath – this increases the risk of infections. Instead, take a shower for a few days after the Brazilian wax depilation.
  • No solariums, pools, and saunas at least 24 hours after the procedure. It is also risky to swim in open water, due to the probability of infection.
  • Do not touch the depilatory area, because you can increase the risk of skin irritation or small acne.
  • Wear loose clothing and allow the skin to breathe.
  • At least 12 hours avoid intense sports, sweating.
  • If the skin is feeling more sensitive, apply an aloe vera gel. Tea tree oil can also help to prevent skin irritation.
  • 48 hours after depilation – the best time to thoroughly scrub the skin. The most appropriate measures are natural sea salts, sufficiently rough to remove dead skin cells that can clog the pores and prevent hair from sipping. This causes the hair to grow up. Swaddle gloves and sponges also perform this function perfectly if you do not have a scrubber.
  • If you have grown up a few hairs, do not press them! Two to three times a day apply tea tree oil, as well as an aloe vera gel. A week later, the hair should be close enough to the skin to squeeze itself out gently.

Frequently asked questions

What is “Brazilian depilation”?

Brazilian depilation is the removal of all hair in the bikini area with the wax, often removing only a thin, 5-7 cm long hair at the bottom of the abdomen. Hair is removed from the entire area: the edges, the inner thighs, around the sexual lips and even the anus.

Should you need to completely uncover the part of the body which will be waxed?

In most beauty salons you will be given special non-returnable panties. So during your procedure, your intimate space will be a bit covered.

Will you sit in the gynecologist’s chair?

No, there are usually no such chairs in beauty salons. During the procedure, the practitioner will explain how to lie down, or sit down, change the position of the body depending on the area of skin that she is currently depilating.

How many times repeat the depilation?

If you have just started a series of Brazilian depilation procedures, you will have to visit the beauty salon every 4-6 weeks. Later, when the hair grows ever weaker and rarer, you can even have a 2-month break.

What length of hair should be for the procedure to succeed?

The most convenient to depilate hair of not less than 0,3-0,5 cm. Eliminate shorter ones will be more difficult.

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