Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra Gives A Ray Of Hope

Famous actor Brad Pitt has done a sci-fi movie – Ad Astra which was released in September 2019. But India didn’t get the taste of it earlier. However, it has finally come to Disney+ Hotstar and now fans can enjoy it at home amid the lockdown owing to global pandemic novel coronavirus.

The film is based on the near future which included a time of both hope and conflict together. The story revolves around a calm and collected Roy McBride whose heartbeat does not go above 80 bpm), a Major in the U.S. Space Command and is assigned the task of finding his father, the famous astronaut H. Clifford McBride.

Clifford, who was the head of the Lima project had left earth 29 years ago looking for intelligent life in space. In fact, there was no response from the Lima Project after it reached Neptune after 16 years. However, Space Com figures Clifford thought to be responsible for the mysterious power surges that threaten the earth and the solar system and Roy has been recruited to communicate with his father about this matter.

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As Roy travels there into space, he started thinking about his relationships, his anger, and sense of abandonment during his time and isolation. Even, the director James Gray has said that he wanted to make the movie as a realistic one while describing the space travel.

However, Tushna Commissariat of Physics World has raised the question in the science of Ad Astra as it is just not possible to cover 2.714 billion miles from Mars to Neptune in five and a half months. But, in your lockdown period which is now over 40 days, you can enjoy this movie a lot.

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As far as the cast of the movie is concerned, Brad Pitt has done well with Roy as he looks so subtle, that the character looks effortless. Tommy Lee Jones who plays Clifford – the man who fearlessly stands by his convictions was not too pleasant though. Liv Tyler portrays the character of Eve, Roy’s wife, while Donald Sutherland has done Colonel Thomas Pruitt, who worked with Clifford and helped Roy on his journey too. Despite having many loopholes in the movie, it gives a ray of hope which is needed amid this crunch time.

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