Brad Pitt Apologized for His Remarks About Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt was compelled to take back his own words in the past as he called his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston “boring”. That came quite obvious despite his stardom. The well-known actor couldn’t just hide his face from steadily acknowledging the fact in a public forefront while addressing such claims.

A major throwback

It was 2011 when Brad apologized for his statements about the Friend’s star after his remarks were taken in either way by the fandom. He spoke about their marriage in an interview with Parade Magazine, following his affair with the Maleficent actress.

As he recalled their marital bond in the succeeding years, the Seven star said, “I started to get tired of spending my time sitting on the couch, a hand seal, in secret. It was getting pathetic. I think my marriage [to Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it.”

But then what made him withdraw his comments?

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Admitting self lags

Ironically, in the same year, he took to clarify his words in an interview with Access Hollywood. Then, he said, “I didn’t mean to say that Jen was boring”. This time, Brad praised the same lady to an utmost extent, continuing, “Jen is an incredibly generous, loving and hilarious woman and she remains my friend. I didn’t mean to say that Jen was boring, but that I was getting boring for myself, and that I was solely responsible for it.”

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In amicable terms

The duo was introduced to each other by their agent, who made their relationship debut at the Emmys. The previous outbursts between the pair have eventually reconciled their friendship in recent times after 15 years of the unprecedented split.

The pair won admirers’ hearts earlier this year when they were captured together at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Apart from that, Brad received a special invitation to Jennifer’s 50th birthday party in 2019.

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