Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are Eyeing an Island off the Coast of Queensland

Recently, a report has added to the former rumours of the ex-couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. But this time, the gossip is a bit different compared to the previous ones. It says, that the duo is in talks to invest in an island together. Yes, that’s what it reads!

Revival of memos

According to a New Idea report, Jennie and Brad are envisioning the 16-hectare Double Island which is situated off the coast of Queensland. However, Benny Wu happens to be the present owner of the property. Now, the name of the spot sounds quite familiar, isn’t it? You’re absolutely right. That’s where the pair partied once in the past. In recent times, it seems that they have eyed “an impossibly good deal” to put their money altogether on the asset.

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On the same page

Meanwhile, an insider has claimed, “The deal would be hard to resist. This is a dream project for both of them.” Wait, what? Does it necessarily indicate a reconciliation in their previous bond? Who knows how! Going by the international report, it further states if the purchase is made in the future, the duo would enjoy an exclusive privilege to “truly indulge in their passions, just as they did when they first set up home in their Beverly Hills French-Normandy mansion in 2001”. I know, what you might have been thinking after reading this. Indeed, that’s too obvious at the moment.

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Casting a different light

On the other hand, the begetter added, “They’ve got a bunch of friends ready to invest if expenses get out of hand too. Everyone knows anything they do together would make bank, but there is part of them that would want to keep something like Double Island to themselves”. Until Brad and Jen confirm such statements, all we can ever hope is to have a positive response on the matter. 

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