Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat Seen Together Several Times

Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat seen together several times
Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat seen together several times

Earlier this week, the news became headlines that Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat were spotted together when they were seen in Los Angeles, attending the opening of an art exhibition.

The first time Brad Pitt was spotted with Alia Shawkat was on September 21 at the opening of the show in L.A. for A Play is a Poem. They were even photographed while leaving the place together, although people failed to realize who the girl with him.

Both the actors also performed in Mike Birbiglia‘s one-man play The New One on October 24 and they were also seen posing for a selfie with him at the backstage.

Brad Pitt, who is 55, and Alia Shawkat, 30, both went to the art exhibit on November 16 and there they were also seen at dinner together on the same night. Alia featured in the shows like Arrested Development and Search Party, as well as movies like Whip It, The Final Girls, and Green Room.
The handsome hunk has been linked to many women since his separation from the famous actress Angelina Jolie. He was linked with Sat Hari Khalsa earlier. In 2018, he was linked with two people – Khalsa and Neri Oxman, Although Oxman said that she is not dating Brad Pitt. As per the reports, he is currently seeing Alia Shawkat as they have been spotted together on multiple occasions.
In a recent report, a source exclusively said to about how Brad Pitt wasn’t into dating. “Brad has not really been dating much at all since his split with Angelina.”

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