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Natural oils have reach an important position inside the folk-medicine. They have been used for treating a wide range of diseases due to their important benefits. Natural oils are rich in a great variety of compounds that helps in human health, are cheaper, and have less or any side effects in comparison with other “modern remedies”.

Black Seed Oil belongs to this important group along with others such as Castor Oil. It exerts a range of effects over many of the human systems and is widely used for cosmetology purposes. Its use is remounted to Avicenna, who wrote in his book named “The cannon of medicine” the properties of the Black Seed Oil in restoring human energy and recovering of fatigue. It is also described by Hippocrates, father of medicine, as the Melanthion.

The oil is extracted from the Nigella sativa plant, that today, is cultivated all around the world, especially in countries like India, Pakistan and the Middle Eastern Mediterranean region. 

All the benefits of the Black Seed Oil have been undergone to research and now, most of them are based in scientific evidence.

Below are summarized the most critical aspects that turns the Black Seed Oil in an excellent alternative for homeopathic medicine.

Black Seed Oil Chemical composition:

Black Seed Oil is a complex mixture of alkaloids, fixed oils and essential oils. The last is mainly composed by thymoquinone, the molecule responsible of most of its beneficial properties. It also contains crude fiber.  proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, carotene and minerals such as iron, zinc, cupric and phosphorus. It has been reported that roots contain high amounts of linoleic and oleic acid.

Medical Uses of Castor Oil:

Black Seed Oil has been wide used in a great variety of affections pertaining to cardiovascular system, digestive tract, respiratory system, liver and kidney. Also, it exerts important antimicrobial properties against bacteria, parasites and fungal. Seeds and roots are the primary mater used in the preparation of remedies. These preparations in general depend on the intended effect and include infusions, unguents or pure extracted oil.  The specific actions are listed below:

Antimicrobial activity:

Black Seed Oil has shown effectiveness against bacteria, parasites and fungal. Due to the last it has been used as a substitute to most of the conventional antibiotic therapy.

Effect against Bacteria:

Thymoquinone and melanin present in Black Seed Oil inhibits the growing of many types of bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus. This anti-bacterial effect is markedly seen in gram-negative bacteria most than in gram-positive ones. Also, it has anti Helicobacter pylori properties and because of this it has been used in the treatment of patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia.

Finally, it has bactericidal activity against many of the most pathogenic bacteria and avoids the formation of biofilms, which are associated with antibiotic resistance.

Effect against parasites:

The effect of Black Seed Oil against parasites has been widely studied in cases of schistosomiasis. An infection caused by the parasite Schistosoma mansoni and that affects the liver and the intestine wall. The studies have revealed the Black Seed Oil reduces the amounts of worms and ova deposited in the affected organs. With this, liver and intestine destruction is diminished and the patient has higher opportunities of recovery in less time. In many places it is also combined with praziquantel, another type of anti-parasitic, to enhance its natural effects.

Effect against fungal:

It has excellent anti-yeast properties, mainly against Candida albicans. Most of the mice models used in research suggests a high effectiveness in any of the organs affected. Also, it is used as a potent anti-dermatophyte, a group of fungal that affects the skin and fanners. This effect is mediated by the molecule Thymoquinone.

Effects on cardiovascular system:

In folk-medicine it has been used as an antihypertensive agent. Some research has demonstrated the reduction in systolic blood pressure due to a diuretic action.  Also, scientific research has demonstrated potent anti-coagulation effects similar or higher to aspirin.

Anti-diabetic effect:

Black Seed Oil has demonstrated to help in regulation of insulin concentrations in serum. The bioactive compounds of the plant have, as we are going to see next, important antioxidative properties that helps in preserving the insulin-producing cells. Also, it exerts hypoglycemic effects by enhancing the activity of the liver molecules responsible of glucose processing.

Antioxidative effect:

This effect is mediated trough the enhancing of molecules that participates on free-radicals removal. The last are important components in aging process and organ destruction so, removing them is an important process for protection and normal body function.

Antitumoral effect:

Black Seed Oil has a positive effect against many types of cancer, including: breast cancer, osteosarcoma and cervical cancer. It acts directly by destroying malignant cells and isolating them from the microenvironment. Also, it stimulates the immune system to control and destroy abnormal and potentially dangerous cells.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

This effect has been widely studied. Black Seed Oil regulates the production and release of the most important molecules involved in inflammation. Also, it has shown analgesic properties that help to ameliorate pain during diseases. Nevertheless, it does not have effects on body temperature in case of fever.

Hepato-protective effect:

We have already talked about the important antioxidative properties of Black Seed Oil. It protects liver from injury due to wide variety of agents, including: intoxication, infection or aging. The liver participates in most of the vital processes in human body. In cases of liver destruction or inflammation these functions are altered and blood parameters such as bilirubin, transaminases, gamma-glutamyl-transferase and lactate dehydrogenase go out of range. Most of these molecules are per se dangerous so, restoring it to the normal conditions in less time, is a goal that Black Seed Oil helps to achieve.

Kidney-protective effect:

The kidney is the organ responsible of filtrating blood to remove waste products of human cycles and protect the body from its harmful effects.  These products are eliminated through urine during all day. The kidney is particularly sensitive to oxidative damage. With a slight damage or toxicity, the levels of creatinine and urea, two of the most important waste products, increase over the normal range. Black Seed Oil helps in promoting normal blood circulation and eliminating free radicals or the toxic agent that has induced the damage.

Lung-protective effect:

In lungs, Black Seed Oil has effects on relaxing the high airways. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties prevent worst outcomes during pneumonia. Also, it has shown to be an effective anti-asthmatic.

Black Seed Oil and losing weight

The results in this area are very controversial. Some studies suggest that Black Seed Oil, in combination with a low caloric diet, helps to reduce weight and body mass index in less time while others don´t see any effect.  Nevertheless, all the studies coincide on its effectiveness in returning lipid parameters such as triglycerides and cholesterol to its normal blood values.

The oil has a positive impact in regulating thyroid function. The last sorts effect over the metabolism of lipids contributing to weight loss.

Black Seed Oil in cosmetology

Since the discovery of the aromatic properties, the Black Seed Oil have been widely used in cosmetology. But, after the discovery of its solar-protective effects, a high amount of preparations decided to incorporate it to its formula. Now, it can be found in soap, shampoo, cream and capsules. It can be used in both, skin or hair, allowing to achieve the expected goals in a short period of time.

Black Seed Oil protects hair from the harmful effects of the environment such as sunlight, moisture and chemicals. Using it gives strength, texture, volume and shine, which helps to prevent hair loss and makes it look healthy.

On the other hand, the use of Black Seed Oil in skin, promotes a relaxing sensation Also. It is used along with some exfoliants, helping to eliminate skin debris and combat aging. The final result is a perfect healthy skin in a couple of days.


Black seed Oil is an excellent alternative in folk-medicine. Its uses are almost uncountable and the list of benefits is pretty large. Currently, it is positioned at the top ten of best natural oils for medical treatment and beauty. After all the things mentioned above, we have to be in agree with some populations of the Middle East who refers to the Black Seed Oil as a Panacea, the universal healer.  Nevertheless, if you are interested in using it, consult your doctor. Most of the time natural oils don’t have side effects but it is necessary to know if they are or not adjusted to our needs.

Enjoy the benefits this amazing oil has to offer. Incorporate them to your life and be renewed by its properties.

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