Bitter or Better, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Returning to London

Bitter or Better Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Returning to London
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Harry and Meghan are stepping into their England home, the Frogmore Cottage. Preparations for their arrival are going on as per the latest reports in Last Week. Their coming back is now causing a stir. If the arrival news comes out to be genuine and not rumour then it is for the first time since March they will be reuniting with the Royal Family. They were last seen together in Egland at the Commonwealth Day service on 9th March 2020.

Are they coming back for the voter registration for the 2020 election?

Prince and Meghan again making the headlines as they are coming back, the question arises what for are they heading back to London since March. Rumours are airing that the former Royal couple is coming back to London for the Voter Registration for 2020 elections. Also, the question remains whether this is just another trip?

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On January 8th, 2020, while stepping down from their royal identities the couple made it loud and clear that they will be balancing time between The United Kingdom and California. Hence the questions which have surfaced are not to be entertained much.

Why does the royal couple want to balance time between the United Kingdom and California?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on January 8th, earlier this year, stated that they want their son Archie to grow up both in the Royal Tradition and in a privacy-focused environment, which will enable them to maintain the geographic balance for Archie.

Was the return inevitable?                                                

As for their coming back to London, the pandemic is the reason for such delay. They were supposed to come back to London even earlier but air travel was not advised as per medical protocols for Corona Virus. A source reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were supposed to be present in Beatrice’s wedding and the Trooping of the Colour, but the restrictions due to the Corona Virus Pandemic they had to cancel their coming back. Hence their arrival was inevitable.

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Court cases against the publisher of The Mail                  

The court cases against the publisher of The Mail made headlines. This is another prior reason that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are coming back. The pretrial phase was going on for a couple of months, but it will officially begin on January 11, 2021, which is supposed to last for 10 days.

A report in Vanity Fair states that they will undergo 14 days quarantine as Harry and Meghan will be travelling from America to the UK. Hence, their arrival has been scheduled for late December.

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Prince and Meghan to reunite with the Royal Family

A pleasant also an awkward reunion. Harry and Meghan made a Netflix deal, which made Queen worried about their decision. Meghan asking the citizen to participate in the voting system made the royal tradition question. These will make their reunion a bit more bitter and uncomfortable at the same time the former royal couple will be coming back and staying with the royal family, might make things go better.

Bitter Or Better, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are coming back to London.

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