Avengers: Endgame Actor Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram Got Hacked

Image Source: Instagram

Avengers: Endgame star Robert Downey Jr., one of the biggest celebrities right now, have the social media hacked.

The details of the hack

Downey announced the news early today that his Instagram account has been hacked, urging fans to avoid the account until the matter has been solved.

Although, there is nothing on Downey’s official Instagram page as of now which hints about the hack. Even no offensive posts are there.

“I’m sorry to say my Instagram has been compromised… Please steer clear for the time being until it’s sorted. Thank you all. I love you 3000,” he shared.

Robert Downey Jr. might be playing Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s sure that he’ll never be free of that “I love you 3000” line after Avengers: Endgame had so many fans had tear over it. On the other hand, this warning to send more fans to check his account, just to see if the hackers did something wrong yet.

Meanwhile, this hack may be upsetting many fans who still didn’t get over from the loss of the Jeremy Renner app. Renner’s personal app was invaded by the trolls who made full use of the service of the app of delivering messages with Renner’s face attached to them, that led the actor and his team to stop the app altogether.

In a similar way, Jason Momoa, the Aquaman star had also his Instagram hacked earlier this week. He was suggesting that one hacker or group are probably targeting these famous stars or their Instagram account. However, in general, Instagram has a security issue. At least it can be said that the hackers don’t seem to have biasness for any particular franchise.

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