Ariana Grande’s Love for Pete Davidson Reveals with Her Song

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The famous Ariana Grande had a short-lived relationship with Pete Davidson which lasted for almost two years. While their love story was most-talked in the music industry, their decision to call it quits left everyone in shock, as well as, disheartening.

After their relationship ended, Ariana has moved on with Dalton Gomez whereas Pete Davidson has dated a few renowned women as well. But the impact of their relationship was so beautiful that Davidson once said that he supported Grande at that time when they were together and he would do that even when they’re not.

According to reports, Ariana has dedicated songs to her ex Davidson and fans found this from the lyrics. And it is not a secret that when two persons were in love their feelings and relationship would certainly be found if someone writes songs about the past lover. However, it depends if the song will be sad or a mixed flavoured.

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They had quite a roller-coaster ride as Davidson and Grande first met each other in early 2018 and took things a step further by getting engaged as well. But a twist of fate led them to separation. Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller died in September and this affected the famous singer a lot and they decided to call it quit in October. Even, during an interview, Davidson said that he knew Ariana cared a lot about Miller, so he decided to give her time to deal with that sudden incident.
Here are the songs Ariana Grande reportedly wrote for Pete Davidson.

“Pete Davidson”

Ariana Grande made a song with this title for her album “Sweetner” and with the name, it is obvious that it was dedicated to him only which also placed at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a week.

“Thank U Next”

With this song, the famous singer paid a tribute to all his ex-boyfriends. It basically gives the essence of how her ex-boyfriends affected in different ways of her life. And, when it was released, she and Davidson had already broken up so it can be assumed that this was also happened from her break up only.

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Ariana beautifully portrayed her feeling about how she required a night away from her lover and explained how necessary it was for a healthy relationship. This song also made its debut at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 21 days.


She started writing this one when she was still in a relationship with Davidson and this is enough to guess that it was for him too. It was a single in the “Thank U, Next” album which stayed 28 days on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 14.


This track dedicates to two of her exes; Davidson and Miller. While at one end, she tried to comfort her present lover whereas at the other end she still loves her previous partner. And, the renowned singer admitted that it was tough for her to write the song.

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