Ariana Grande Requests Rihanna to Drop Her Album so that She Could Regain her Position

Read Latest News on tweeted asking Rihanna for dropping her album so that she could regain her position as the most-streamed female singer of all time.
Image Source : Ariana Grande and Rihanna's Instagram

After Ariana Grande’s streaming record broke Rihanna’s record, Ariana tweeted pleading the singer to drop her album. She tweeted asking Rihanna for dropping her album so that she could regain her position as the most-streamed female singer of all time.

Ariana is overwhelmed to be The Most Streamed Female Singer

This week, Ariana has reached a 20.5 billion stream record, after which Spotify announced the pop star as the most stream female singer of all time through the most popular Twitter account revealing music statistics. Ariana took a screenshot of the article and posted it telling Rihanna to drop her album to come back to the topmost position in the right way. In the same tweet, she also thanked her fans and followers for the constant support. She considered this as caring for the audiences for her.

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Arianna’s musical journey has been remarkable this year

This week, after Arianna’s one of the most popular albums ‘Sweetener,’ has completed its two years, once more it got widely popular. The traffic of her last year’s album ‘Thank U, Next’ also has been increased wildly. But her latest single with Lady Gaga, named ‘Rain on Me’ placed her on the top position of the streaming list.

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Rihanna will release her new album at the right time

Rihanna’s fans her waiting for her new album after she has released her last album ‘Anti’ in 2016. It was declared as Album of the Year then. Recently in an interview when she was asked about her next work, she expressed that she was working on her next project. She added words describing her care about her fans and she would not keep them waiting for long. As the Barbadian singer can never think herself away from music and always keeps experimenting, she assured her fans that they would not be disappointed after the new album would come out. She does not want to release her new project just because people waited for a long time. She believes that when the music will be released people will understand that it deserved a long period.

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