Are Royal Brothers Distancing Apart Over Princess Diana’s Fund?

While the royal battle has created distance between Prince Harry and Prince William like never before. It seems that Princess of Wales Diana’s Memorial Fund which was founded in honour of Diana long back in 1997 has added fuel to their feud. The revenue of the fund now claims to be divided between the siblings’ charities.

Possessing the right

Since 2013, the fund’s money has been pouring into the Royal Foundation led by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, of which Prince Harry and Meghan were also a part of in the past.
If we go by the annual report, in 2019, the organization received around £21500 ($27,000) from the Diana Fund. This happens to be one side of the story.

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A wrong claim

But unfortunately, Harry does not owe any philanthropic body in his native state after dismissing the Sussex Royal name in official terms.

On the other hand, he has come to ask for his share at present citing his charity Sentebale, which aims to fight HIV/AIDS inspired by his late mother’s efforts. How is it justified?

In earlier days, The Diana Memorial Fund sourced its income from immense public contributions like the sales of Elton John’s song “Candle in the Wind,” which paid tribute to Diana during her last rites.

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In another shot

To speak about The Royal Foundation, it welcomed the comeback of Amy Pickerill, who worked for the royal duo until May 2019. In April 2020, she acquired her position in the body as the director of Prince William’s environmental initiative, the Earthshot Prize London 2021.

Diana would have been Proud of Harry for Stepping out of the Palace

Harry-Meghan recently appeared in a video conference with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust where they addressed issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.
Meanwhile, Chrisann Jarrett, the co-founder of We Belong, and Alicia Wallace, the director of Equality Bahamas, talked on the subject with the royal couple.

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