Are Chris Evans and Lily James the new Couple in Town?

Are Chris Evans and Lily James the new couple in town?
Chris Evans and Lily James

It has been a year that ‘Yesterday’ star Lily James has split from her ex-relationship with Matt Smith. Recently, the actress was photographed with ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ actor getting inside a taxi on the way back to London’s Corinthia Hotel. It was 4th July when the clock ticked 1 am. The scene has led to major speculation that Lily has moved on with Chris Evans.

On a similar destiny

According to the captures obtained by MailOnline, the duo was spotted leaving the private members’ Mark’s Club in Mayfair.

After arriving at their destination, Lily went around the back entrance of the hotel. Meanwhile, Chris waited at the front entrance who was seen interacting with the staff in the lobby. Later on, Lily was allowed to enter the hotel.

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However, the actors didn’t co-work in the past and this is the first time they have been pictured in the same frame. On the other hand, they follow each other on Instagram.

What about the previous reconciliation?

During the lockdown, a rumour surfaced about Lily’s rekindled relationship with her ex-boyfriend, as they were imaged together in the succeeding months. The pair began dating 6 years back following their meeting on the set of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. While living together in London, reports came that they separated in December over tight schedules.

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On the flip side

An insider has revealed to The Sun about the couple’s ‘amazing chemistry’ claiming, ‘Being in the house and having no work and distractions has allowed them to reconnect and get back to a good place.’ The begetter also added, ‘It’s what their friends had all hoped would happen because they do make each other so happy..’

Tracing their journey, the stars maintained secrecy about their longstanding relationship, and made a limited number of public appearances together.

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