Angelina Jolie talks about losing her Mom to Cancer

Angelina Jolie talks about losing her Mom to Cancer
Angelina Jolie talks about losing her Mom to Cancer

Nearly after a decade of Angelina Jolie lost her mother by cancer, she talked about that as well as how women are treated and cared for.

In 2007, her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, died after battling of cancer for nearly a decade at the age of 56. While penning down for Time, Jolie shared on the toll cancer has taken on her loved ones which included her mother and grandmother, both of whom had suffered from breast cancer.

“I remember once holding my mother’s hand, as she was receiving chemotherapy when she started to turn purple and I had to race to get the nurse,” she recalled the incident. “As I stood in the hallway of the hospital waiting for my mother’s body to be collected and taken to be cremated, her doctor told me she had promised my mother that she would make sure I was informed about my medical options.”

However, the Oscar-winning actor also undergone a preventative double mastectomy as well as removed ovaries and Fallopian tubes after getting to know that she was genetically predisposed to breast and ovarian cancer.

She even said that she was asked about her medical choices openly and that too affected her health. She revealed her desire to play with her grandchildren which her mom couldn’t. She hoped her decision will help her live a bit longer as her mother dies at 50s whereas her grandmother died in her 40s.

Jolie further shared about her routine medical checkup and spoke about her thought about her lasting scars. “I have a patch for hormones, and I need to get regular health checkups. I see and feel changes in my body, but I don’t mind,” she told. “I’m alive, and for now I am managing all the different issues-I inherited-. I feel more connected to other women, and I often have deeply personal conversations with strangers about health and family. People also ask how I feel about the physical scars I carry. I think our scars remind us of what we have overcome. They are part of what makes each of us unique. That diversity is one of the things that is most beautiful about human existence.”
The famous star further said that one needs to take holistic approach to care the patients. She said that women’s health – be the mental or emotional are very important. She even revealed sometimes family problem or any specific illness also affects health. She even revealed how her mother thought when she got to know about the desease. “My mother seemed peaceful when she first knew she had cancer. I now see that in part it was because, after many years of stress and struggle, people were forced to be gentle to her.”

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