Amber Heard Privately Presented ‘Horrific’ Claims against Johnny Depp

The final day of hearing Depp’s libel case against News Group Newspapers at the court came to an end today in the afternoon. That marks the overall 16-day span of counter-allegations centred on the couple’s marital life.

Stricken by outright falsity

While Depp’s attorney, David Sherborne delivered his closing statements on the matter, he labelled the star’s wife as a “compulsive liar” to which he further added, “I don’t say that lightly.”

With subsequent alterations

During the session, he informed the court that the actress had lied by “tailoring her story” to modify dates or break down certain incidents when testimonials demanded her to do so.

Amber Heard is Accused of Lying ‘About Johnny Depp Abuse’ and Creating Wounds ‘with Make-Up’

His second allegation came at a time when he claimed that Amber added on various incidences in the witness box. There she invented “whole incidents” founded on “retro-engineering” messages. Apart from that, Heard also tried to obtain “difficult evidence” by “shifting the blame to others”.

As he took to explain the shreds of evidence presented by Heard privately, the court heard that the allegations were “far more serious, more horrific” than any other claims produced during the trial. David said that Heard had “blatantly lied” about further assertions.

Secret Video Exposes Amber Heard Attacking her Sister Whitney Henriquez

Against facts

Yesterday, Sasha Wass, QC, for NGN, revisited much of the evidence in court which were submitted throughout the trial. Meanwhile, she notified that Depp’s claim about Heard’s abuse to him can’t be true as the actress weighs only eight stones who “lacked the physical capability” to torture the actor. In the context, Depp was addressed as a “hopeless addict”. Ms. Wass even stated that Depp’s envy, dependency, and jingoism resulted in “violent explosions.”

Johnny Depp Revealed a Shocking Incidence in Front of the Legal Body on Third Day of Libel Case

As she assessed the former couple’s honeymoon onboard the Eastern & Oriental Express in Malaysia five years back in August, she apprised that Heard provided a “graphic description of Depp trying to strangle her with her own shirt ” in her diary over a row during their journey.

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