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For several millennia, aloe vera has been used for medical purposes in Greece, India, Mexico, Japan. Even Egyptian queens have incorporated aloe vera into the daily routine of their beauty treatments. The famous Alexander the Great and Christup Columbus used this plant to heal wounds for their soldiers, and the ancient Egyptians used aloe vera to exfoliate the pharaohs. How is this plant so spectacular, if used by even the most famous leaders in the world?

Long traditions of treatment

There are over 200 types of aloe vera, but only 5 of them have “healing powers.” One of them is medicinal aloe vera. Medicinal aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been known for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians called aloe vera as a plant of immortality. A variety of studies have been conducted to find out that aloe vera has some properties that are particularly effective in treating various ailments such as dry skin or flushing, cosmetic problems, scars, burns or wounds.

Will help when there are no drugs

Aloe vera has more than 75 active ingredients, including vitamins, enzymes, minerals, lignins, saponins, salicylic and amino acids. The transparent aloe leaf gel is made up of even 96% water. It is such an aquatic plant structure that helps it survive in arid climates. Aloe Vera is also beneficial for the care of oral hygiene and the reduction of plaque. A study was conducted with 300 people. 100% aloe vera juice was compared to the usual oral chlorhexidine ingredient. After four days of use, it was found that aloe vera juice acts as well as chlorhexidine in the removal of plaque.

Many people are confronted with mouth ulcers and know how unpleasant they feel. Ulcers usually occur in the lips or inside the mouth and last for about 7 to 10 days. Studies have shown that the use of aloe vera can accelerate their healing. In a seven-day study, 180 alopecia patches were pasted in damaged areas. It turned out that during this time they effectively reduced the size of the ulcer and reduced the pain.

The secret of longevity

Preliminary studies advise that aloe vera can reduce skin aging. In one study, 30 women (from 45 years old) used aloe vera gel for facial skin care. After 90 days, there was an apparent effect:  the skin became more elastic and less red. Studies have shown that an aloe vera extract can protect the skin from UV rays and keep it firm and young for longer. The aloe vera gel contains two hormones – auxin and gibberellin. These two hormones have anti-inflammatory properties. True, aloe vera is not only useful as a cosmetic remedy. Aloe vera beverages or juices are now available in supermarkets. These products are also helpful and create beauty from the inside. Because aloe vera contains a variety of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, it is a highly useful product that can enhance the immune system. The juice of this plant also helps to regulate weight and level of glucose in the blood. Knowing that the aloe vera has antibacterial properties, its juice should not be afraid to drink even if you suffer from stomach pains or increased acidity. The healing properties of the plant will reassure and provide energy.

Beauty products that you can make from aloe vera at home:

Make-up Remover.

Conventional make-up cleaners that contain a single chemical component can dry out and irritate the skin. The founder of Ilgi Pekar Hungarian skin care line advises how to avoid this unpleasant effect. He recommends squeezing the pure aloe vera gel onto the wool disc and starting cleaning the face with it. The skin will not only be well cleansed but also moisturized and protected from bacteria.

Calming ice cubes.

Fill the ice cream forms with an aloe vera gel and freeze. It is then recommended to transfer them to a tight container and continue to store in a freezer. These cubes will help if you get overheated in the sun, burnt in the kitchen or bite by an insect.

Face wash.

Mix the spoon of aloe vera gel with a spoonful of almond milk and a teaspoon of lemon. Mix this mixture and rinse your face with warm water in a few minutes. Because aloe vera contains many antibacterial minerals, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. If you want to make a face wash from skin aging, it is recommended to mix spoon aloe vera gel with 100% organic coconut oil.

Drink from bad breath.

If you suffer from bad breath, aloe vera will help you in this situation as well. Heathy Beauty’s author and herbalist Letha Hadady advise –  60 ml of a cup of pure aloe vera extract to dissolve 60ml of water or apple juice and drink this mixture. The anti-inflammatory compound (B-sitosterol), which contains aloe vera, stabilizes acid digestion, which is often the cause of bad breath. However, this drink should be used moderately, as more can reduce laxatives.

Moisturizing sleep mask.

To make this moisturizing mask, mix pure aloe vera extract with half an egg white and a small cured cucumber. The skin will not only be moistened but also much more beautiful.

Eyebrow gel.

Every woman wants to have not only beautiful but also neat, well-groomed eyebrows. To strengthen the eyebrows, you need to dip a clean brush of toothpaste into the aloe vera gel and cross the eyebrows with it. This will help protect your eyes from irregular and wrinkled eyebrow hairs.

Interesting facts about aloe vera

  • The healing properties of aloe vera are acquired only in the fifth year.
  • Although it is usually common to grow comparatively small aloe vera plants, their height can reach even 15 meters.
  • Japan uses aloe vera as a food product.
  • An aloe vera gel is believed to light pigmental stains and eliminate stretch marks.
  • It is said that aloe vera can reduce or even eliminate carp.

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