5 Things went wrong at Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding wasn’t completely devoid of small errors

5 Things went wrong at Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding
5 Things went wrong at Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding

Those who might be thinking that the royal wedding went too smooth while looking 2 years back, let me tell you its just a dream that you need to wake up from. Although the auspicious event went quite well in its huge appeal, some of the little mistakes hardly made its way to the forefront to call for public attention. And here are the 5 Things went wrong at Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding:

1. Unintentional misinformation was imparted

As Meghan’s father couldn’t make it to his daughter’s wedding due to health reasons, the information couldn’t but find a proper communication channel to be conveyed to the event organizer. However, the official statement which announced for the particular occasion printed it as “The Bride, having been greeted by the Dean of Windsor, moves in procession through the Nave where she is joined by her father, Mr. Thomas Markle, to the High Altar”.

Yes, it was quite a shock for others to believe the reality later on.

2. Presence of the groom’s exes contributed to a jolt

There was an announcement stating that two of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends would attend the grand marriage leading to suspicions. Afterwards, a rumour surfaced as the press hinted that Harry and Chelsy made a ‘tearful’ phone call just before the wedding.

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3. Breaking through the traditional outlook

The conventional style of royal wedding portraits fixes the frame with a certain demarcation. It says that the bride’s family will appear on one side while the groom’s brood will stand on the other. But it didn’t happen so in Meghan and Harry’s wedding as William and Kate were spotted on the bride’s side, while Charles, Camilla, Philip, and the Queen accompanied on the groom’s side. Yet we don’t know the reason behind such an arrangement.

4. Conspiracy against the bride

Now, what about a dramatic twist to the plot? It came when Meghan’s half-brother wrote a letter to Prince Harry asking him to cancel the wedding. It said: “Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you. She is a jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage”. Yes, that’s what he instigated towards his half-sister!

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5. The unnecessary delay in delivering a tirade

Bishop Michael Curry’s ablaze homily at the event lagged the imperial mood shortly as his ardent speech went beyond the allotted time by almost double the original. But that was undoubtedly passionate.

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