5 films that will help you take a long break from the freaking stress amidst the pandemic

5 films that will help you take a long break from the freaking stress amidst the pandemic
5 films that will help you take a long break from the freaking stress amidst the pandemic

Although various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix go on releasing new series every now and then, yet we possess the urge to check out old movies over the internet in an attempt to recollect the golden moments repeatedly in order to relieve ourselves with the feel-good vibe. But you know the biggest reason behind falling back on such nostalgic pieces? Well, that’s the familiarity we want to explore again and again, sometimes desperately in search of peace! Well, the lockdown has also been very special to reward us with the best memories from the bygone ages, whether on lazy weekends or after hectic work schedules which have been a mesmerizing journey to fly us apart from all the earthly miseries led by promising hopes.

The films which are mentioned below will anyway help you take a long break from the freaking stress amidst the pandemic.

#5 Get Smart

The film projects Steve Carell in the bounds of a new office who happens to be a counterspy, joining hands with Anne Hathaway in their mission to prevent a terrorist attack on POTUS. The detective farce also stars The Rock and The Great Khali in crucial roles.

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Epic Movie precisely ridicules the traditional style of cinematography which burlesques around 20 TV shows and films, like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men: The Last Stand. Lastly, it attributes appearances of various actors being themselves captured exclusively throughout the scenes.

#4 The Dictator

In The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen happens to be a ruthless dictator who can go to any extent to stop his country from achieving democracy, thus being good to watch ministerial caricature.

#3 The Big Sick

The film plot revolves around a real-life accord between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon who are coincidentally the writers of the movie and depicts the affair of the Pakistan-born comedian and a graduate student. However, with further development in the story, the lover’s cultures would turn out to be contradictory to each other for which Gordon would eventually fall sick. But lastly, as you know, love would overcome every obstacle coming on their way.

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#2 The Intern

Penned by Nancy Meyers, The Intern casts Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway in a heart-rendering farce that depicts the life of Ben Whittaker. The protagonist happens to be an old widower employed in a new job role at an online fashion concern for the position of senior intern. The gentleman would be seen to extend help towards his boss, Jules Ostin who will eventually overcome her skilful and personal anxieties. In fact, the movie stars some amazing outfits!

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#1 Crazy Rich Asians

The piece happens to be a romantic comedy whose plot is centered around the life of Rachel Chu, a Chinese-American professor, and a vernacular belonging from New Yorker. The story depicts the lovebirds visiting Singapore to meet Rachel’s affluent brood in the due course of attending a marriage. And there comes a subtle twist as mirth follows when the girl isn’t enough aware of her boyfriend’s social status which execrates her.

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