3 Amazing Things About Keanu Reeves That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Even More

3 Amazing Things About Keanu Reeves That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Even More
Keanu Reeves

While casting a look at Reeves, everyone thinks about their going back in the 1990s, what a time machine could have done. And that has been a popular trend served by the Canadian actor, producer and director to reawaken the reminiscent memories towards the future. Now, you must be wondering the legacy behind such vogue. Its definitely not just his acting stance but a world full of humane values, defining the John Wick actor in his true posture. Yes, that’s the story behind him surfacing as the coolest guy on the internet from 2019. Flipping through the pages of the Hollywood industry, you must have on looked the emergence of several stars to gleam brilliantly for a certain period but gradually glinting their flames on the go. Amazingly, Reeves has sustained the lustre in every move be it on screen or daily life. Therefore, he’s the man of the hour.

  • The covert facts hidden in the everyday inspired

The ‘Speed’ actor’s enchantment outshines his freezing charisma, the meek temper, cordiality and responsiveness towards the fandom. However, Reeves was employed in the later phase of his career as a typecast whereas the persistent aspect in his persona has been one of those to rescue the world. The roles of Neo, Ted Logan, John Constantine, Johnny Mnemonic, Klaatu etc. establishes the crescent view.

Movies That Keanu Reeves Turned Down Or Didn’t Do

  • To the cosmos of craftsmanship and folklore

Also, the ‘Point Break’ star was spotted to play Prince Hamlet Onstage in the Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Hamlet, who has simultaneously served as the musician, in his performance with the bass guitar while working for bands like Dogstar and Becky. If you are thinking about his writing flare, he even contributed the text for a picture book, named Ode to Happiness, which was exemplified by Alexandra Grant. Now, when it comes to self-producing a documentary, Side by Side has topped the benchmark. Last but not the least being the director, Reeves penned the martial arts film, ‘Man of Tai Chi’. These are the limelight instances that the legend has delivered in attribution to the eclipsed adroitness.

  • The unpretentious personality of all the time: Keanu

Revisiting the daily life of Keanu, the pioneer has always stood at the forefront while extending support to Stand Up to Cancer, the SickKids Foundation and PETA and donated some amount close to around $80 million of his $114 million income to the special effects and makeup staff from The Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. He simply renounced the contractual right with the producers as part of the deal. Sounds heart-warming, isn’t it? Wait, there’s still a lot more to it.

Keanu Reeves’ Upcoming Films Might Directly Plunge Into Digital Forums

Reeves also co-founded a production company known as Company Films that produced Henry’s Crime starring the actor, while on the other side, he being a keen motorcyclist, co-founded Arch Motorcycle Company producing custom motorcycles.

Well, you can’t but list the countless occasions to construe Reeves in a new light every morning!

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