14 Interesting Facts About Bed Sizes You Must Know

Ever thought how many types of Bed are there – King, Queen, Grand King, Olympic Queen and Wat-Not :)

14 Interesting Facts About Bed Sizes You Must Know
Bed Sizes Facts You Must Know About

Did you know an average person spends almost one-third of his life in bed? So, we may say, the bed is one of the most important fixings of our life.
Let’s us explore the different bed sizes and interesting facts about bed you must know.

Well, I have another tricky question for you here. Do you know how many sizes of beds are there? I won’t be surprised if you say, there are two types of beds; a single bed and a double bed. But interestingly, there are over a dozen known standard bed sizes. And when it comes to types of beds, there are about 30 types of beds.

Standard Bed and Their Sizes

Bed Name/Type Bed

Bed Standard Size

Twin / Single Bed

29 inches x 75 inches

Twin Extra Long Bed

29 inches x 80 inches

Full /Double Bed

54 inches x 75 inches

California Queen Bed

60 inches x 84 inches

Olympic / Extended Queen Bed

66 inches x 80 inches

King Bed

76 inches x 80 inches

California King Bed

72 inches x 84 inches

Grand King

80 inches x 94 inches

Also, consider them before purchasing a bed for you.

1. Childhood and Hostel life is better with Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a fun experience, not only for children but for messes as well. A Bunk Bed is the one in which two or more than two-bed frames are stacked atop each other. They are supported by four pillars and a ladder is used to get in the upper beds.

Invented by early Egyptians, Bunk bed has three basic types.

  • Standard Bunk Bed: It is the most common type of bunk bed. This small-size, 39*75 inches, bunk bed is perfect for an adult or school-age child.
  • Loft Bed: It has only one bunk at the top and the lower space usually contains drawers and chest. Or even you can set up your workspace under the bunk.
  • Narrow Bunk Bed It is slightly smaller than the standard bunk bed and measures 36*75 inches. It is best for pre-teen children.\

2. Twin Size Bed is not for Twins

A twin size bed or a single bed measures 29 *75 inches. It is among the most popular bed sizes and is best for one adult, not twins. It is the best option for guestrooms and economy hotels.

However, Twin size extra-long beds have the width as of traditional twin bed while their length is 80 inches. These beds are good for adults who are about 6 ft. long. The only drawback of a twin size extra-long bed is; their linen is hard to find. They are not popular though.

3. Demand for Bigger Size Beds is Still on Rise

The demand for bigger bed was started in the 1990s and is still on the rise. Queen Beds are among the most popular bed sizes in the United States and are available at almost all the stores.

The Queen beds are narrower in width, so they are best for two average-sized people. They come in a variety of sub-sizes. Let’s explore them.

California Queen Size Bed

California Queen Bed is the one that is narrower than other Queen-sized beds. Measuring 60*84 inches, this bed is ideal for couples who are over 6 feet and face irritation while sleeping on shorter beds.

Olympic or Expanded Queen Size Bed

An Olympic Queen Bed is 6 inches wider than the standard Queen Bed and it is big enough for a couple sleeping. Before getting an Olympic Queen Bed, make sure with the vendor that all their accessories are available because it, sometimes, become hard to find them due to their unusual size.

Remember, Olympic Beds are not for narrow rooms as they cover more space as compared to the traditional beds.

Super Queen Size Bed

Super Queen Beds are 6 inches wider and slightly thicker than the Queen Beds. They are best for average-sized people. They are perfect for guest rooms and master bedrooms and are easily available at the stores.

Super Queen Beds are 6 inches wider and slightly thicker than the Queen Beds. They are best for average-sized people. They are perfect for guest rooms and master bedrooms and are easily available at the stores.

Although they are good for couples, not for those who don’t fit in a smaller sleeping area. So, if you don’t mind sharing your bed with your partner, Super Queen Bed is the best one for you.

4. King Size Beds Promise Comfy Sleep

King Bed is a traditional sized bed measuring 76*80 inches. It is the widest bed available easily and best for two people.

The size of the king bed is same as of two twin beds, so, you can also place two twin mattresses on a king bed instead of a king mattress. Like California king beds, they also require a slightly large space and is an ideal bed for a master bedroom.

5. California King Size Bed Looks like California

California King Bed is one of the two largest beds in terms of its size. Their width is 72 inches while the length is 84 inches. These beds were originally designed for people with a height of 6 feet and more.

Did you know why it is called a California King Bed? Because it is longer and narrower like California. So, every California Bed has more length and less width as compared to other beds.

6. Grand King Size Bed is designed for Tall People

I can understand the sleeping concerns of tall people. So, Grand King Size Bed is here for large and tall people who cannot be adjusted in even a California King Bed. With a width of 80 inches and a length of 98 inches, Grand King Size bed is the largest bed size in the world.

As compared to other bed sizes, we can say that the Grand King Bed has an extra-large size.

The First Bed was Very weird…

The very first bed was not so stylish and humble. You will be surprised to know that this 18*12feet long bed was able to hold up to 65 sleepers. Imagine, how it feels to sleep with 64 other people?

But now, we have quite standardized beds with some of the extra-larges bed as well.  Let’s explore them.

  • Emperor BedMeasuring 87*90 inches, these beds are usually used in luxurious houses.
  • Super Emperor BedTheir length is same as a Standard Emperor bed while the width is 93 inches. They are also used in the luxurious in the U.K.
  • Caesar Bed- With the size of 99*90 inches, it is among some largest beds available.
  • Super Caesar Bed- Super Caesar bed is the largest available bed. Measuring 111* 90 inches, this bed can easily hold up to 6 adults.

The First Water Bed is Much Older

You will be surprised to know that the first water bed was invented by the Romans. Romans used to lie in a floatation mattress filled with water. Initially, they were used in medical therapies but later, they became popular as a luxurious item and captured about 20 percent market share in the 1980s.

Bed Hides Bed

Wondering how? Yes, a Trundle Bed or Truckle Bed is the one that is hidden under another normal bed. It can be wheeled out when needed.

Early Travelers Loved Vibrating Bed

It was the most popular bed among the travelers in the 60’s and 70’s. The Vibrating Bed had a vibrator installed and for a small fee, the bed used to vibrate for a certain amount of time.

State Bed is European Development

The State Bed was developed in Europe that was beautifully carved and decorated. It gained popularity in Early Modern Europe in 1930 circa.

A Bed can be Turned into Sofa

A Sofa Bed or a Pull-out Bed is among the most popular beds that can be used in every location either it’s a living room or a bedroom. It is in fact, a sofa or a couch having a thin mattress underneath its seating. This mattress can be unfolded when needed.

Murphy Bed saves your Space

Mr. Murphy designed Murphy bed in 1900 and it was patented in 1908. A Murphy Bed is, in fact, a Wall Bed that can be folded up. It can be stored vertically against the Wall when not in use. These beds can save you a lot of space.

First Hammock was developed by South Americans

It is made up of a piece of fabric usually suspended between two points and is used for resting or sleeping. It was developed by South Americans for sleeping, and later, was used by sailors and soldiers. Hammocks are still popular around the world.

Final Words

history, types, and sizes. But, we have described you some standard beds and their sizes along with some unusual ones.

You may purchase the one for you. But, before finalizing the one, make sure all the accessories of that specific bed are available easily. Moreover, before ordering the new bed for you, measure your bedroom size to avoid complications later.

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