10 Celebrities Whom You’ve Never Thought To Be Canadians!

10 Celebrities Whom You’ve Never Thought To Be Canadians!
10 Celebrities Whom You’ve Never Thought To Be Canadians!

While a vast majority of Canadians in the entertainment industry left their nation to earn fame in the south of the border, they have settled coherently in there, shedding their actual identity of a native homeland. And your favourite stardom isn’t definitely an exception!

Ryan Gosling

Gosling has always been the ingratiating Hollywood infatuation starting from The Big Short through sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049 – to playing prototypical Neil Armstrong in First Man. But it’s just the shell! Gosling is inborn a French-Canadian who made a brave move to New Zealand when 18.

Justin Bieber

Although Bieber didn’t ever hide away his Canadian heritage, the superstar’s actions and charming American ascent has negated his origin of being born and raised in Ontario throughout.

Pamela Anderson

While Pamela’s appearance relates her to the sun-kissed sands of California, the renowned personality owes her origin in Ladysmith, British Columbia. She started her career in modelling from Vancouver, later on moving to Los Angeles in the early twenties.

Keanu Reeves

Born in Beirut and hailing from Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian and Portuguese descendants, John Wick was mainly raised in Toronto who also holds Canadian nationality till date!

Matthew Perry

Best known as the acrid New Yorker, Matthew Perry was actually born in Massachusetts, but moved to the Canadian capital afterwards, when his parents divorced before his first birthday. He relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to pursue his career in acting and holds both Canadian as well as American citizenships at present.

Hayden Christensen

Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars films is readily mistaken to be an American hero, who is a Vancouver born boy raised there.

Kim Cattrall

Who would have thought that Sex in the City’s Samantha Jones is a Canadian- British all along? Born in Liverpool, Cattrall moved to British Columbia when three months old, and pursued her acting dreams in New York City.

Jim Carrey

Carey spent close to a decade whetting his all-American comic stretch in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas who is a Canadian by birth once told The Hamilton Spectator about his wish to work in his native Ontario if things hadn’t worked out south of the border.

Neil Young

Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Young bayed on the recent track “Already Great” saying “I’m Canadian, by the way”. Born in Toronto and raised in Ontario, he slinked over the US border during the mid-1960s. Despite being a fierce critic of American politics, with Donald Trump being the latest target of his asperity, Young apathetically maintained his Canadian citizenship for years – until January 2020 when, at the age of 74 he finally decided to take additional US citizenship. But he’s yet a Canadian by heart.

Ryan Reynolds

Overshadowed by his marriage to a pair of American starlets, Ryan Reynolds was raised in Vancouver who attained success in Canadian soap Hillside.

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