10 Best And Worst Movies Of Keanu Reeves Of All Time

The critical momentums from some of the noteworthy Reeves starrers: Coinciding with the evergreens

10 Best and Worst Movies Of Keanu Reeves Of All Time
10 Best and Worst Movies Of Keanu Reeves Of All Time

Following the starlet’s portrayal in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” back in 1989, Keanu Reeves has soared high above the escalation with a commemorative streak in the later phase touching the bygone breakthrough in all its pangs. Yes, that was a climacteric start in the world of movies which paved the way for infinite commendations across the wide-ranging censorious greetings.

Among all films, 10 of the best acclaims have seen huge appreciations from the critiques.

1. In “Toy Story 4” (2019), Reeves imparted his voice to Duke Caboom in the character of Canadian daredevil toy that received astounding glorification from those analytics who even thought that Pixar had run out of span with the movie’s persona.
2. In the period film “Speed,” Reeves in the shoe of Jack Traven, has starred as a bomb-squad specialist caught in the chase of an ambiguous bomber scripted in a galvanic flick and enthralling intrigue evened by an alluring cast.
3. The drama “Dangerous Liaisons” stars Reeves as the opponent beau rival Chevalier Danceny winning praise for a witty script and fast-moving plot twiddles.
4. Reeves has produced and explored digital filmdom within a greater milieu of a film archive in the documentary “Side by Side” where copious Hollywood directors like David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, and James Cameron have been interviewed.
5. In the family-inclined comedy “Parenthood,” Keanu plays Julie ‘s frazzled boyfriend Tod striking a humorous chord among the audience.
6. In the cabaret “Always Be My Maybe” (2019), Keanu Reeves burlesques himself in the profile of a renowned actor whom famed cuisine, Sasha dates. The Netflix original farce combined distinctive gladdening junctures in a clever touch.
7. In, “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” Reeves has picked up as the fabled executioner John Wick from the last chapter of the action prerogative, who’s caught up in the pursuit of life from the federation of qualified assassins that he served previously. The franchise was highly suggested by the film commentators for its immaculate cinematics and brawling gestures.
8. In “Much Ado About Nothing” (1993), Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the Shakespearean play, Reeves plays Don John captivating the ethos of an archetypal comedy and capitulated triumphing performances.
9. In the incessant stimulating drive of “John Wick: Chapter 2,” epochal hatchet man John Wick (Reeves) discovers himself amidst a gore deficit that obligates him to aid an old ally capturing the killers’ guild.
10. In “The Matrix,” Reeves plays Neo, a cubicle-bound office worker experienced in hacking, that brings him close to an enigmatic fellow named Morpheus.

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Like the best of the lot, a bunch of the Keanu starrer have also been down-rated by critics. And here goes the lot-

1. Starring as Kai in “47 Ronin,” Reeves happens to be a player in 47 samurai where the cast despite its pioneering talent ultimately came out dull.
2. In the self-deceptive conundrum like “Chain Reaction,” Reeves in the mask of Eddie Kasalivich fell short of some hectic driving moments.
3. Reeves playing Nelson Moss in the picturesque drama “Sweet November” was stunningly effusive who was figured out to be a mismatch with his lover Sarah Dever (Charlize Theron).
4. Reeves camouflaged in the name of Jjaks in “Feeling Minnesota” downplayed a reclaimed plot with insubstantial characters.
5. Reeves as Johnny in “Johnny Mnemonic” was depicted in a dopey plot when it came to be identified as a science-fiction.
6. Keanu playing Lucas Hill in “Siberia” had a disjointed anecdote.
7. In the “The Watcher,” a crime thriller Reeves plays a fleeting serial killer where the screenplay came out clumsy with mediocre direction.
8. In the sci-fi drama “Replicas,” Reeves as the biologist Will Foster was a big mess in reviving the lost lives of his close ones.
9. Keanu as the police officer, Scott Galvan in an enigmatic film like “Exposed” drove the audience silly in his pursuit of truth.
10. Last but the least decadence has been Reeves as John in “Generation Um…” who led the movie into a merely sloppy hit, relatively lacking the anticipation of going forth.

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